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Senator Coburn Releases Report Exposing Unspent Federal Money

Senator Coburn Releases Report Exposing Unspent Federal Money

via Senator Coburn Releases Report Exposing Unspent Federal Money.

2 families now suffering after HOA foreclosure in Orlando

2 families now suffering after HOA foreclosure in Orlando.


One house in Orlando could end up having two families facing foreclosure.

A family bid in an online auction on a foreclosed home in the Meadow Woods subdivision. However, those bidders didn’t know they’re now on the hook for the previous owner’s mortgage, said Channel 9’s Jamie Holmes.

Kenneth Delisi and his wife are boxing up everything they own after the family was foreclosed on by the Wydham Lakes Homeowner’s Association because they missed a month of dues.

“This is terrible, terrible. Living on the edge,” said Delisi.

Their home went to auction on the Orange County Clerk’s foreclosure website, and a third party, unbeknownst to the Delisis, bought their home for $16,000.

But that new owner had no idea when they purchased the house they also now assumed the full mortgage of $200,000.

Homeowner battles Bank of America for 2 years to get modification – www.ktnv.com

Homeowner battles Bank of America for 2 years to get modification – www.ktnv.com.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – A homeowner emerges bruised, but not beaten after battling Bank of America. It’s a story Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears first reported two years ago. Now, she sits down with the family again as they begin to recover from their mortgage meltdown.

“It’s one big rollercoaster. It just took way too long,” explained JoAnn Licko.

The ups, downs, twists and turns of the last two years have left JoAnn wondering whether it was worth the fight.

“They just don’t have anything rolling smoothly. They really need to figure out what they’re doing wrong,” said JoAnn.

JoAnn’s been battling Bank of America for her brother, Bob Gratzke, to help him hang on to his modest, East Valley home.

Letter: Make Congress part time | Amarillo Globe-News

Letter: Make Congress part time | Amarillo Globe-News.


Our Constitution states that Congress “shall assemble at least once in every year,” on the first Monday in December unless it “by law” approves a different day.


Congress is not required to work full time, nor should it. Its limited duties are outlined in just 18 short clauses of Article 1, Section 8. Our founding fathers never meant for Congress to be a full-time job, but limited, part-time service to the country.


Is it any wonder our leadership is not representative of society, with 60 percent of the Senate being lawyers? It should be made up of citizens who serve then return home to their chosen profession — doctors, farmers, engineers, etc.


“Member of Congress” should not be a career choice.


The two worst inventions related to Congress are air-conditioning and air travel. Air-conditioning keeps Congress going all year round; air travel because members of Congress don’t spend time building relationships while in Washington. Would they be so partisan if they actually knew each other, worked together, broke bread together with their families?


Congress should work less on crafting cumbersome, out-of-touch legislation and more within the bounds of the 18 clauses in our Constitution.


HelenMarr Johannesen




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“When the people find they can vote themselves money,
that will herald the end of the republic.”—Benjamin Franklin

Amalgamated CEO Eager to Grow Nation’s Biggest Union-Owned Bank

American Banker:

Edward Grebow is making use of the $100 million in private equity that the New York bank received last year, tackling bad loans and expanding into prepaid cards and residential mortgages.

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