Judge targets ‘piece of s—’ lawyer with bullseye poster during trial

A quirky Brooklyn judge lambasted a lawyer as a “piece of s—” and hung “Wanted” posters featuring the man’s photo — then drew a bull’s eye in red ink on the face, court papers allege.

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack — who has been hailed nationwide as a hero for standing up for the little guy in foreclosure cases — is in the crosshairs of lawyers trying to boot him off their case.

In papers filed in Brooklyn, lawyer John McDonough accuses Schack of the bizarre behavior and offers it as proof Schack should step down from a big-bucks civil trial against Duane Reade.

“Justice Schack has sufficiently revealed such a level of personal animus towards defendants’ counsel as to make it inappropriate for him to continue as the trial judge,” wrote lawyer Kenneth Fisher, McDonough’s partner.

The trouble started when a $100 million civil case involving a badly maimed woman, Shirly Miller, ended in a mistrial in April.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/judge-targets-piece-s-lawyer-bullseye-poster-trial-article-1.1139146#ixzz23xDsrRwv

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