UBS under investigation for money laundering (translated in English)

Translated in English:

The first bank Swiss UBS is within the scope of investigation for criminal suspicion of money laundering, said Friday, August 31 the Ministry of the Attorney General (MPC Attorney General), said a spokesman for the prosecutor Jeannette Balmer .

Open Wednesday particularly in the light of Article 305 bis of the Penal Code, which deals with money laundering, the investigation is “linked to the criminal complaint filed in mid-June by the Fund Bruno Manser “ , an association for peoples of the rainforest, she said, but declined to give details on the investigation.

The Bruno Manser Fund accuses the UBS laundering money from bribes bribes in the clearing of rainforests in the Malaysian state of Sabah, according to the website of the organization based in Basel, Switzerland . According to the complainant, the head of government of Sabah, Musa Aman , demanded bribes wine forestry groups in exchange for the granting of forest concessions and export of tropical timber

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