When banks erase debt that isn’t there

GREETINGS, unhappy homeowners! Here’s some wonderful news:

“We are canceling the remaining amount you owe Chase!” says a letter that JPMorgan Chase sent recently to thousands of home loan borrowers. “You are approved for a full principal forgiveness of your Home Equity Account,” says another, from Bank of America.

Jackie Esposito, of Guilford, Conn., got a letter like that. But she wasn’t elated — because she doesn’t owe the money anymore. She and her husband filed for bankruptcy three years ago. The roughly $64,000 they owed Chase has been legally wiped out.

What’s going on?

Read on.

Welcome to another episode of the Twilight Zone.

2 responses to “When banks erase debt that isn’t there

  1. Now the Espositos will have to explain to the IRS that they don’t owe the money – probably after a seizure of their bank accounts… And by the time that they think they’ve gotten it rectified, Congress will have been convinced by the banks to screw the American citizens again and stick them with the IRS tab that they left when they annihilated the REMICs.

    • It’s all about the money for the banks. Banks send homeowners a letter to erase a debt that isn’t there only to get credit in the $25 billion state AG settlement. If any homeowner who had their mortgage debt discharged in bankruptcy ( including any liens) receive this letter by the banksters, be forewarn that banks are ready to stick it to them. Homeowners need to make copies of the letter to send that copy along with a copy of discharged letter from bankruptcy to the IRS and the US Trustee to protect themselves. These banks would sell the gold tooth out of their mothers’ mouths to gain a profit. People should not be fooled that they “learned” their lessons.

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