Now this is funny: ‘House of Morgan’ becomes House of Horrors

No question, banking’s faced a lot of bad news lately. Now comes word of a scary new low involving the J.P. Morgan Building at 23 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan.

Erected in 1913, it was so universally recognized as the epicenter of American banking that its owner deemed it unnecessary even to affix a nameplate.

The past half decade, however, has seen quite a changeover for the “House of Morgan.” The building, which shares a corner with the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, where George Washington took the oath of office as the nation’s first president, was sold to Chinese and Angolan interests in 2008, according to press reports.

This month arrived an extreme home makeover in reverse. The owners, unable to find even a retailer to move into the four-story neoclassical building permanently, have rented it out as a Halloween City outlet — until the end of the month, anyway.

“We’ve really hit rock bottom to turn the head of finance into a Halloween costume shop,” said Enrique Villegas of Los Angeles, who stopped in with his girlfriend on Thursday.

“What brought me was that white Ghostbusters guy,” Villegas added, referring to an inflatable marshmallow man who stands eight feet and greets visitors while billowing lightly in the breeze outside the building’s front door.

Read on.

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