Foreclosed-Home Caretakers Sue BofA Affiliate

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A Bank of America subsidiary cheats workers of overtime and regular wages after hiring them to maintain foreclosed homes, a class action claims in Superior Court.
Lead plaintiff Chris Weseman sued BAC Field Services Corp., alleging Labor Code violations and unfair competition.
“BAC operates as a subsidiary of Bank of America, providing maintenance an preservation services for Bank of America’s foreclosed properties,” the complaint states.
Bank of America, however, is not a party to the complaint.
“BAC subcontracts the hiring process and job placement functions to other hiring agents as part of the scheme to attempt to circumvent responsibility for protections afforded to employees under federal and California law,” the complaint states.
Weseman claims that BAC misclassifies its employees as independent contractors to duck the Labor Code. BAC laborers mow lawns, board up windows, change locks, clean, and take pictures of foreclosed properties, and work 40 hours a week or more for a flat rate, according to the complaint.
BAC also ducks Social Security payments, taxes, unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance by misclassifying its workers, Weseman says.

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