Wells Fargo kept Toms River couple waiting to get Sandy insurance money

The Intintolas lived at a relative’s house in Toms River for 42 days. But for them, the process of rebuilding happened quickly. They hired their brother-in-law, a licensed contractor, to repair the house. About a month ago, they moved back in.

It all went rather smoothly. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. sent out an adjuster and later mailed out a flood insurance check for $71,000.

But the frustrations began when the couple tried to have the check co-signed by Wells Fargo, which holds the mortgage on their house.

At first, the bank said it would release the money in thirds, Intintola said. As work progressed, the bank would release more money, he was told.

However, work on Intintola’s home was finished. “I am done. I am actually living in my house,” he told them. “I just need the money.” An exception was needed.

The bank started to request paperwork, such as work orders. Intintola said documents he faxed were lost once. Another time, it took one or two days for papers to go from one office to another.

“It was just so disorganized and so disheartening,” Intintola said. “It’s not fair.”

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