Mortgage Settlement Relief Fails To Reach Millions Of Foreclosed Homeowners

Mortgage Settlement Relief Fails To Reach Millions Of Foreclosed Homeowners

Betsy Berry was worried she would lose her home just outside of New Orleans. Though she had never missed a payment on her mortgage, she says, Bank of America was demanding thousands of dollars worth of late fees, and threatening to take her home if she failed to pay.

But when she called her lender in October with the hope of eliminating the fees, more confusion ensued, she says. Banks had pledged to assign borrowers a single point of contact in earlier agreements with regulators and the federal government. Still, she found herself talking to five different people in the space of two days.

First, she spoke with a Bank of America employee named “Shane,” who referred her to “Pamela,” she claims in a lawsuit filed recently on her behalf in New Orleans federal district court. The next day, she talked to “Debra,” “Jarquis” and “Jennifer.”

None of these people solved her problem, Berry alleges in the lawsuit, leaving her to continue sliding to the brink of foreclosure. A few weeks later, frustrated, exhausted, and worried about the consequences of her rapidly deteriorating credit, Berry sent Bank of America a check for $5,556, she says.

One response to “Mortgage Settlement Relief Fails To Reach Millions Of Foreclosed Homeowners

  1. The biggest crock of you know what …. Settlement … For the blatant absolute fraud by hook or crook … By forgery … By swindle … By a complete disregard across the board from notary seals to “any means neccessary” policy plied against the elderly … What the f?

    Im going to say this in the nicest way i know how.

    My guess is that there had better be some compensation and some justice and some Vice Presidents of many banks otherwise known as crooks or i think there might be some folk who look to settle these matters another way … The hard way.

    My hope is that some satisfaction comes soon or im afraid there could be some people who go way overboard.

    Way overboard …. Thats what im hearing …. You know doin right aint got no end and if these criminals believe that they can just squire about town after the absolute misery they participated in for money … Well lol … They are likely mistaken.

    Damn likely.

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