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A.G. Announces Lawsuits Against Wells Fargo & Bank of America

Here is the video.


Loan underwriters make ‘absurd’ demands in effort to verify data

Loan underwriters make ‘absurd’ demands in effort to verify data

People trying to get mortgages should be ready for anything. One borrower out of school for several years was asked to produce his high school transcript.

NY AG goes after 2 banks (video)

From CNBC transcript:

there are 304 servicing standards in the settlement and that it’s servicing issue that has the new york ag suing. his office says it has documented 339 servicing violations by the two banks, quote, putting hundreds of homeowners across new york at greater risk of foreclosures. most of this has to do with time line standards that is answering a borrowers application for a loan modification within three day or notifying borrowers of missing documents or five days decide oong modifications and 30 days not pursuing foreclosure at the same time a modification is in process. that’s called dual tracking.”