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Obama Administration Extends Foreclosure Prevention Program

Obama Administration Extends Foreclosure Prevention Program

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Thursday it will extend a deadline for struggling homeowners to access a government program to help reduce their monthly mortgage payments.

The Treasury Department and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development jointly agreed to allow the Making Home Affordable Program to continue to be available to American families for an additional two years through Dec. 31, 2015.


North Carolina judge finds fatal flaws in lawsuit against MERS, LPS

North Carolina judge finds fatal flaws in lawsuit against MERS, LPS

The register of deeds for Guilford County, N.C., lost a very public court battle against mortgage document processing firmLender Processing Services and the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems.

The lost court battle ends the register’s closely-followed attempt to obtain a special master to investigate the two firms’ handling of mortgage documents and the recording of property assignments in the county.

In the original lawsuit, the Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen painted a picture of two firms – MERS and LPS – as causes of a major county recording mess.

Thigpen alleged the use of the MERS registry – along with the LPS handling of certain mortgage documents – ended up making a mess of county property and land records.