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Lithonia woman fighting eviction from home of 23 years

Lithonia woman fighting eviction from home of 23 years

Toni Furman was in her Lithonia home on May 7 when she heard someone breaking down her door.

“They kicked the back door in,” she said. “I was in an upstairs bedroom trying to call for help and they told me to drop everything and show my hands.”

“They” were the six DeKalb Sheriff’s deputies who evicted her from the home on Stoneleigh Hill Road where she had lived for more than 20 years.

“They ordered me to get my clothes on and to leave,” said the substitute high school science teacher. “And they started to take my things out into the street.”

Furman said the eviction capped a five-year foreclosure fight with Cenlar Mortgage, a Ewing, N.J., loan servicing company.

Furman contends that the company illegally evicted her.

“In addition to the unlawful eviction document, the company used an old deed in the foreclosure and eviction process with the names of the home’s original owners, but not my name,” she said.


FHFA to Hold Private Hearings on Force-Placed Insurance

FHFA to Hold Private Hearings on Force-Placed Insurance

The Federal Housing Finance Agency earlier this year killed a plan by the mortgage giant Fannie Mae to slash the cost of force-placed insurance. Now the agency is planning to convene hearings to learn more about the force-placed market — in private.

The meetings, slated for Thursday and Friday in Washington, are open only to “stakeholders,” defined by the FHFA as big banks, insurers, insurance brokers, fellow regulators and representatives of trade and consumer groups. A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

Representatives from Fannie Mae will be allowed to attend the meeting, but have been forbidden by the FHFA from speaking or asking questions, say two sources who asked to remain anonymous to avoid angering the FHFA.  Asked about the FHFA’s prohibition, Fannie Mae, the country’s largest purchaser of force-placed insurance, declined to comment. A spokesman for the FHFA also declined to discuss the request that Fannie not actively participate.