Executive Offices of Citi and Nationstar Stop Foreclosure and Settle

Executive Offices of Citi and Nationstar Stop Foreclosure and Settle

Madison, ME — (SBWIRE) — 08/20/2013 — Up against a wall and facing a possible eviction from his home, Laszlo Kakuk needed a way to stop foreclosure. After seeking out the services of The Law Offices Of Art Hoomiratana, a foreclosure defense law firm it was suggested that Kakuk obtain a securitization audit from Paladin Securitization Auditors. The securitization audit, although widely criticized on the internet, is an invaluable tool in foreclosure defense when it is performed by an experienced and creditable auditing company. As seen by their list of success stories, Paladin Securitization Auditors appears to be just that company.

Kakuk’s securitization audit found that the Mortgage Note and Deed had become bifurcated and that the servicer, Nationstar was hired by Fannie Mae to collect the debt but was not the true holder of the note, had no validity to foreclose. In layman’s terms, because the loan had been securitized and sold numerous times, the true owner of the Note and the Deed were not one in the same. This means that Nationwide, the current load servicer, had no right to foreclose on Kakuk.

After Kakuk received his securitization audit he immediately drafted a letter to the Office of the President of Nationstar threatening immediate litigation based upon the attached audit and gave them one more opportunity to settle out.

In under one weeks time a member of the executive offices of Nationstar Mortgage contacted the client called up offering them a work-out solution, removed their loan from foreclosure, and informed them that their attorney had instructed them to settle this matter our before it went to court. Kakuk said the following:

I am bursting at the seams….I just received a phone call from the cooperate office of Nationstar Mortgage escalation department. Anyway, this man told me that they are wanting to resolve the issue at hand and even if a HAMP cannot be approved then they have in house options to offer. They stated that they had received a letter from the attorney in Rhode Island who told them to try and resolve the issue with us opposed to litigation.

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