JPMorgan Gives CEO Dimon 74% Raise to $20 Million in 2013

JPMorgan Gives CEO Dimon 74% Raise to $20 Million in 2013

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) gave Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon a 74 percent raise to $20 million last year, bringing his pay closer to where it stood before he was penalized for faulty oversight of botched derivatives bets.

The board’s compensation package for Dimon, 57, who also serves as chairman, included $18.5 million in restricted stock, the New York-based lender said today in a regulatory filing. His salary was unchanged at $1.5 million and he got no cash bonus, according to the filing.

5 responses to “JPMorgan Gives CEO Dimon 74% Raise to $20 Million in 2013

  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    This reminds me of the Untouchables – only the corruption is made public as if it were acceptable. Too bad the government is so complicit. If this were an average CEO the government would have hauled his butt in on numerous charges whether they were true or not…not to mention the IRS would be auditing him personally day and night. Maybe he should run for New York Governor – like his pal Kashkari is doing in California… Nah… Politicians are servants. Dimon wants to be King.

  2. I dont’ have any “money” anymore. My money is gone. What I still have is “ethic” and “moral” values. I have many friends and family that that love me. I do not, and never have “preyed” upon or have never stolen anything from anybody. With or without “money” , I will always be a “man” of value , honesty , and integrity. With or without “money” Jamie Dimon will never rise above the level of “pig” in the eyes of millions of people. That is something he will never be able to change in his lifetime. Jamie Dimon’s “raise” only lowers him down further on the “human” scale. I am sure that the only “love” in Jamie Dimon’s life is himself.
    So , enjoy the raise Jamie , buy some love , by some friends. But you will never be able to buy up to the level of “man”.

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