Homeowners name Bank of America in lawsuit

Homeowners name Bank of America in lawsuit

WINFIELD — A Putnam County couple has sued Bank of America, claiming the company of trying to alter a mortgage agreement.

Barbara and James Jones filed suit Jan. 16 in Putnam Circuit Court, accusing Bank of America of unilaterally rescinding a mortgage agreement between the parties in violation of West Virginia Code.

According to Jones, they purchased their home located at 185 Shawnee Estates in Winfield in the 1980s. In 2008, the couple says they endured medical issues that caused them financial hardship. The Jones say they modified their mortgage with Bank of America and in 2012 they worked with West Virginia’s attorney general and had an existing foreclosure canceled.

The Jones go on to say that they fully complied with the modification. Their mortgage was purportedly modified but in 2013 Bank of America tried to cancel the modification, and sign a new settlement and release agreement whereby they would release any legal claims against Bank of America.

The Jones say Bank of America has been harassing them and have breached the contract into which the two parties entered.

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