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More problems for Gov. Christie: Data shows stark racial gap in Sandy aid distribution

More problems for Gov. Christie: Data shows stark racial gap in Sandy aid distribution

Amid growing questions about lane closures on the George Washington Bridge and Sandy aid to Hoboken, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing an additional charge about his administration’s disbursement of relief aid. State data, obtained from the Christie administration through a lawsuit by the Fair Share Housing Center, reveal a dramatic racial gap in who received preliminary approval for funds from Sandy relief programs.

According to the data, decried by groups including the New Jersey NAACP, the Latino Action Network and the New York Times editorial board, the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation Program rejected 35.1 percent of African-American applicants, 18.1 percent of Latino applicants, and only 13.6 percent of Caucasian applicants. The Resettlement Program rejected 38.1 percent of African-Americans, 20.4 percent of Latinos and 13.6 percent of Caucasians.

Speaking to Salon late last week, FSHC staff attorney Adam Gordon urged the federal government to expand its investigation to include the racially disparate aid distribution, accused the Christie administration of trying to change the topic by attacking his organization, and charged “neglect and callous indifference in the needs of Latino and African-American communities impacted by Sandy.” A condensed version of our conversation follows.

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My Report to the WA Attorney General on Foreclosure Fraud, Robo-signing, and COINTELPRO

theday.com | January 30, 2014

By Brent Russ

It’s an incredibly long report from a years worth of work, so here is the TL; DR:

Realized that big banks were pretending to be note-holders when in fact they didn’t own the mortgages at all. Obtained evidence that the people signing the beneficiary declarations to foreclose were not actually officers of the banks, but in the case of Wells Fargo the gal worked for their subsidiary America’s Servicing Company while she was signing declarations as the “Vice President of Loan Documentation” for Wells Fargo, N.A. When I reported the evidence to the FBI after local law enforcement refused to investigate, the FBI set me up and initiated a COINTELPRO operation against me and attempted to destroy the evidence proving that Wells Fargo was forging documentation to foreclose on people.

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Barclays ordered to hand over more bosses’ emails in Libor court case

Barclays ordered to hand over more bosses’ emails in Libor court case

Barclays has been told to hand over thousands more emails and other documents from former bosses in a court case starting in April tied to the alleged manipulation of Libor interest rates.

In the high court case, Barclays is accused by a residential care home operator of mis-selling products that were based on Libor rates. The hearing will start on 29 or 30 April and is expected to last for about six weeks.

It is seen as a test case for whether the manipulation of Libor – which several banks around the world have admitted and been fined for – means deals such as interest rate hedges that were based on benchmark rates may have been mis-sold.

In a pre-trial hearing on Friday, judge Julian Flaux said Barclays must produce documents from several executives and traders related to a fund that the bank ran. That includes emails and other correspondence from former chief executive Bob Diamond and investment bank bosses Rich Ricci and Jerry del Missier.

“I’m not going to give them the key to the door, but I certainly think more [disclosure] is in order,” Flaux said.

The order could add up to 38,000 more documents to the 220,000 produced for the case.


JPMorgan Chase & Co’s New Skills at Work Initiative Will Partner With the White House to Focus on Long Term Unemployed Workers

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s New Skills at Work Initiative Will Partner With the White House to Focus on Long Term Unemployed Workers

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) today announced that New Skills at Work – its landmark, $250 million global effort to close the skills gap – will partner with the White House and use its ground-breaking local workforce research to provide critical data on the challenges facing the long-term unemployed.

New Skills at Work aims to help people get the training they need to compete for the jobs that are available today and into the future.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the Administration to rally employers across our economy to build industry-based workforce partnerships that can align our investments in education and skills training with current job openings and future career pathways,” said JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon.


Judge Sanctions Nevada AG Over Class-Action Lawyer Attack On Mortgage Lender

Judge Sanctions Nevada AG Over Class-Action Lawyer Attack On Mortgage Lender

A Nevada judge has ordered the state’s attorney general to pay legal and discovery costs to Lender Processing Services after the state failed to come up with evidence supporting a lawsuit accusing the firm of defrauding homeowners, an attorney for LPS said.

The order represents an extremely rare case of a judge finding the state’s highest legal officer acted improperly, said Mitchell Berger with Berger Singerman, a Florida lawyer perhaps most famous for representing Al Gore in his post-election disputes in 2000.

“I have been practing law for 34 years,” Berger said. “I’ve been around the block. And I’ve never seen an attorney general sanctioned.”