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Wells Fargo Uses Court Fraud to Seize Woman’s Home

Wells Fargo Uses Court Fraud to Seize Woman’s Home

Laurel Green for Salem-News.com

“I am now homeless, and Wells Fargo has my house listed for sale for more than $400,000 over the price they supposedly ‘paid’ for it.”

(WOODLAND HILLS, CA) – In an FBI press release, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag was quoted as saying, “This office will vigorously prosecute people who intentionally submit false and misleading information in federal bankruptcy proceedings.”

On February 27, 2012, Marisol Nagata, Esq., submitted, on behalf of her client, Wells Fargo, a stipulation with false statements. She submitted it to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Maureen Tighe of theU.S. Bankruptcy Court in Woodland Hills, California in #1:11-bk-23430-MT (Roger Lipkis)

Wells Fargo had been on notice that the information was false. It intentionally submitted false statements. 

Will the FBI prosecute Wells Fargo as vigorously as it prosecuted the people referenced in its press release?

I had been making all my payments on time, but applied for a loan modification. Wells Fargo put me on a plan, and I continued making all my payments according to that plan. But Wells Fargo did not credit those payments. Despite its promise not to do so, Wells Fargo started foreclosure proceedings against me.

I filed a bankruptcy, which provided an Automatic Stay, meaning that Wells Fargo could not sell my home of 23 years unless it got an order from my bankruptcy judge allowing the sale to take place.

Wells Fargo did not go to my bankruptcy judge to have the Stay lifted. It simply “sold” my home in auction to itself for far less than the fair market value, thereby getting not only my house, but all the equity in it.

When Wells Fargo took me to court for an Unlawful Detainer to throw me out of my home, the judge in the unlawful detainer court stated that she knew Wells Fargo had violated my automatic stay, but I couldn’t mention it. I was not allowed to prove that according to federal bankruptcy law, the “sale” of my home was VOID! I was not allowed to present my defense!

I am now homeless, and Wells Fargo has my house listed for sale for more than $400,000 over the price they supposedly “paid” for it.

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