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CREW Files OCE Complaint Against Rep. Walden for Supporting Fraudulent Campaign Websites

CREW Files OCE Complaint Against Rep. Walden for Supporting Fraudulent Campaign Websites

Washington, D.C.—Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) against Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), for authorizing the NRCC to create and maintain fraudulent campaign fundraising websites.

The websites are designed to appear as if they belong to Democratic House candidates, but donations made through the sites go to the NRCC.

Read our ethics complaint the against NRCC chairman

“Rep. Walden and the NRCC have become online scam artists, tricking people out of their campaign donations. Rep. Walden’s support for such activity violates House ethics rules, and OCE needs to act quickly to protect the House’s credibility,” CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said. 

CREW cited “John Lewis for Congress,” accessible at http://johnlewis4congress.com, as one example of NRCC deception supported by Rep. Walden. The title of the site is, “John Lewis for Congress.” The site’s graphic heading is, “John Lewis for Congress.” Until recently, the donation page linked to by the “DONATE” graphic was titled, “John Lewis for Congress 2014.” John Lewis is a Democratic House candidate in Montana. Donations made on pages linked to fromhttp://johnlewis4congress.com go to the NRCC.

At least 17 other NRCC sites, including sites aimed at Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH),http://sheaporterforcongress.com, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), http://sinemaforcongress.com, and NY Democratic House candidate Sean Eldridge, http://seaneldridgeforcongress2014.com, follow the same pattern.


Swiss Bank, UBS, Tried to Rig Hong Kong Version of Libor

Swiss Bank, UBS, Tried to Rig Hong Kong Version of Libor

The Swiss Bank, UBS, tried to rig the Hibor, the Hong Kong equivalent of the Libor. 

An investigation by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) found that internal chat messages were exchanged at the bank, which contained “change requests” with “a view to rigging the Hibor fixing”.

The HKMA report also found that the bank failed to report it when it became aware. 


Wells Fargo to hold shareholder meeting in San Antonio, not at corporate headquarters

Wells Fargo to hold shareholder meeting in San Antonio, not at corporate headquarters

Wells Fargo & Co., the San Francisco-based banking conglomerate, will hold its annual shareholder meeting on April 29 in San Antonio.

The decision to hold the meeting away from its corporate headquarters is not unusual, says spokeswoman Helen Bow. It is consistent with the company’s practice of holding major meetings in cities where it has a significant presence. Last year, the bank held its annual meeting  in Salt Lake City.

“San Antonio was among several good options this year,” Bow says. “We believe there is a benefit to holding our annual meeting from time to time in another location to allow for the broader participation of our stockholders in those areas. Given our presence in Texas and across the United States, this year we chose San Antonio as a convenient venue for our annual stockholder’ meeting.”


Remember the shuttering of the independent foreclosure review? The OCC describes it on page 18 of their report as: After more than a year of effort and no remediation to borrowers, the CompTroller recognized the need to change direction to focus on assisting homeowners more quickly.  GEE, YA THINK? Readers should read through this report and contact Congress.

Here the report:



Inspector General: FHFA fails to report FHLB expense data

Inspector General: FHFA fails to report FHLB expense data

Since 2010, the Federal Housing Finance Agency failed to submit the Federal Home Loan Banks’ director expense data to Congress, as required by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, the Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General found.

Each FHLBank has a board of directors that guides its programs and operations, which then reports its expenses incurred by members of the boards to the bank.

But despite the FHLBanks submitting in the required information to the FHFA, a review of the data found that it contained inconsistencies and limitations that diminish its usefulness.  


Ex-JPMorgan Trader Martin-Artajo Challenges Regulator

Ex-JPMorgan Trader Martin-Artajo Challenges Regulator

Javier Martin-Artajo, the formerJPMorgan Chase (JPM) & Co. banker fighting U.S. extradition from Spain over trading losses that surpassed $6.2 billion, is challenging the U.K. financial regulator inLondon.

Martin-Artajo, who oversaw synthetic credit trading at the bank’s chief investment office in London, filed the case against the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority at a tribunal last week, according to the court’s website. No other details about the claim were available.

Here Come The Official Russian Counter Sanctions: Boehner, Reid, McCain Barred From Entering Russia

The people sanctioned via the Russian foreign ministry:

  • Caroline Atkinson
  • Daniel Pfeiffer
  • Benjamin Rhodes
  • Harry Reed (sic)
  • John Boehner
  • Robert Menendez
  • Mary Landrieu
  • John McCain
  • Daniel Coats

More detail from RIA:

In the sanctions list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia against the United States, including Barack Obama’s aides entered Pfeiffer and Rhodes House Speaker Beyner and Senator McCain.


“In response to the U.S. administration released March 17 sanction measures against a number of Russian officials and deputies of the Federal Assembly as a” punishment “for the support of the referendum in the Crimea, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the introduction of reciprocal sanctions against a similar number of U.S. officials and legislators,” – Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on the site office.


In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that every hostile attack Russia will respond adequately.


“We have repeatedly warned that the use of sanctions instruments – double-edged thing, and boomerang hit by the U.S. However, the U.S. side, it seems, continues to blindly believe in the efficacy of these methods taken from the arsenal of the past, and do not want to admit the obvious: the inhabitants of Crimea democratically in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter voted for reunification with Russia, respect and accept this choice, “- said in a statement.


“Such a decision may like it or not, but it is a reality to be reckoned with. Should be no doubt: for every hostile attack, we will respond appropriately,” – confirmed in a statement the Foreign Ministry.


Who entered the United States expanded sanctions list.


Previously, the official website of the U.S. Treasury Department issued advanced sanctions list, which included 20 other people – Russian officials, businessmen and parliamentarians.


U.S. authorities have included in the list of co-owner of the bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk, head Vladimir Yakunin, businessman Boris and Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko. Earlier in the list of Russian citizens who are denied entry to the United States and whose assets in the United States will be frozen, included only policy.


In addition, the sanctions now imposed on the bank “Russia”.