Class Action Complaint filed against Northwest Trustee Services

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Plaintiffs bring this action as a Class Action pursuant to CR 23 on behalf of all persons in the state of Washington who received defective Notices of Default (as specified below) from Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. (NWTS).


6 responses to “Class Action Complaint filed against Northwest Trustee Services

  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    Spread the word. Every state should have the guts to do this!

  2. Yes but not one state has, this is done by two great attorneys. Not the state.

  3. If the AG’s fileS the cas, the homeowner never gets their house back without a litigation fight, and receives a three hundred to five hundred dollar check for this crime. What have the states done that is significant. NOTHING, BUT ALLOW THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE FROM HELL TO GO ON AND ON AND ON. BUT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO COME UP WITH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO LITIGATE, AFTER BEING ECONOMICALLY HARMED BY THE VERY BANKS YOU ARE FRAUDULENTLY LOSING YOUR HOUSES TO.

  4. This should happen to them also. and not many know of this one

  5. My name is Richard SYkes. I have transcribed the most rediculous foreclosure sale by NWTS in History, The wrongful foreclosure suit I filed was dismissed for what ever reasons. Jeff Stennman made false statement refering to recieving a QWR, and Leo Conniff counseled the Crier to proceed with the sale without liability after she said she did not have any authority…more, sale was July 21, 2011 and I am still in my home…Not over!!!!!

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