A message from whistleblower Linda Almonte

A message from whistleblower Linda Almonte

Linda posted this comment on my blog. Be sure to check out her websites: and

Linda Almonte

Ok Linda Almonte here and I need to get a call out to people to contact me if they are victims for my latest SEC and regulator update. Well as we all know for billions in intentional fraud in the credit card division with a business strategy to intentionally abuse the judicial system to bypass state and federal consumer protection laws by using illegal actions to obtain default judgments that total in the billions so collections are easy no calls or letters needed they can then garnish wages, clean out and take all bank accounts and put liens on homes and so on. Now when they learned of the OCC investigation I launched in 2011 after proving up every allegation for years and were told a plane full of auditors were dispatched to their credit card operations center in San Antonio you may remember the front page WSJ article they fired some of the internal attorneys and dismissed some lawsuits (without prejudice meaning don’t get happy just reassigning the attorney name and be back) and everyone celebrated. Well the OCC did sent a group of auditors as we learned from the great investigative work of American Banker and inside employees trying to stay and get information out in a not too friendly environment. They were put under a cease and desist order and the auditors camped out for months leaving with truckloads of document. That whole time since 2011 when they supposedly halted all litigation on any Chase, WaMu, Providian, Circuit City, Bank One, Best Buy and so on credit cards and according to statements also went back and the 2009-2011 were dropped and people refunded too they worked on earning brownie points with the regulators camping out. They had all employees just still coming to work but no litigation no work and working with the auditors on all the things they could change to actually work and follow state and federal laws. At the same time they also claimed to have stopped debt sales and the selling of bogus customer data with incorrect balances, many accounts paid years prior but no captured in their various old dos systems and databases instead of systems for some functions. Again they promised not to resume until they could be in compliance. Last year when Jamie Dimon called up Holder and told him what his settlement would be and the terms they did pay multi-billion dollar settlement for the foreclose part of the OCC investigation and results that there was intentional fraud committed to make numbers at the expense of at least 100k people with the credit card litigation portion alone. Now that investigation they asked to roll into the the announcement but is it’s own OCC Consent Order and terms they asked for “cooperation agreement” status basically deferred prosecution but not even a monetary fine. This order is very detailed within a short time frame that had to make sure there were non of these illegally obtained judgments in any court and refund consumers from all the ones previously. Jamie Dimon personally to regulators, investors and the SEC 10K and 8K filings swore all litigation stopped in 2011 and they had not resumed and still haven’t as of now and again assured no more debt sales with bogus data and putting “as is” in the sale contract their rationale that it didn’t matter the billions in intentional fraud harming so many they found a “loophole” as Matt Taibbi describes in the book finally released “The Divide” in which my story is chapter 8. He assured regulators and investors (now tell me if I am crazy but outright lying to investors on TV, in their investor presentations and in SEC reporting should qualify as misrepresenting information to investors and lying to the SEC, all regulators, investors and customers is an SEC issue. And those customers Jamie and others seem to think are free play money and should just keep on forking money into Chase to keep their gambling money available and the only customers Jamie even talks about it and is worried about is investors are happy. . Investors were finally getting concerned with the amount of media coverage the collections, litigation and debt sales in the credit card division was getting and escalating more and more. So Jamie assured all since they had not filed any lawsuits since 2011 and got the brownie points with regulators and no charges, not even a fine just a thank you for cooperating and be good in the future but did update that OCC Consent order with some strict time frames to assure all is cleaned up and that free pass could be snatched away fast if they aren’t compliant with it. Jamie swore to all of the agencies and the SEC reporting and investors all credit card issues were done with my case now and all could move on to other items. Specifically even said with the exception of a few straggler lawsuits with the credit card back office there was no way of any further issues as they discontinued the areas where the fraud was in 2011 and not restarting anytime soon. Investors got confidence back in credit card and Jamie gave himself a 74% raise taking his income to $30 million and highlighted with all of the settlements and fines Chase numbers still returned good dividends in part thanks to the sudden increase in sale in the credit card division. Well starting last spring after being asked to speak at a consumer attorney seminar with over 60 consumer attorneys and a couple fraud examiners that they really didn’t teach banking, collection agency processes or debt buying in college which I knew but also they don’t teach most banking regulations in law school. Now that was a problem when top consumer attorneys are surprised and learned a lot in a two day session with just basic explanations of the industry and how everything works and expanding on their regulatory knowledge. Several of those attorneys spent the past year now really kicking ass against banks and debt buyers just with additional knowledge and q&a so I kept it up training consumer attorneys to fight like bankers and it is really working. The day after the OCC Consent order and settlement one of the fraud examiners from the seminar called me. I had taught them the same as I did Matt Taibbi for the book and to prove all my allegations 100% true how to walk into any court and with the free clerk computer in minutes find thousands of these accounts and the equal from BOA, AMEX, Citi, Cap ONe, every debt buyer, Ford Motor and so on from that short period in between WaMu and Chase I was on “the darkside at NCO” . Anyways turns out I can’t find a court not packed and current employees confirm they never stopped litigating only moved process to Elgin Il the old Bank One headquarters. I have millions in judgments from multiple states but can’t contact the people I find in court files and need to find some of the victims. So anyone with a judgment from Chase Credit Card please contact me and by the way I will get you lawyered up as those illegally obtained judgments may turn out to be winning lotto tickets for the victims. People need to pull their credit bureaus and look for them in tradelines and under public records and go to their local courts websites and search public records under their name. The majority of people have no idea until a good chunk of the paycheck is missing and will be missing for a duration of time and then they go to the ATM and their checking and savings accounts were cleaned out by Chase. Even the same robosigner names, a lot of internal attorneys in addition to external, same bogus manufactured proof of account and balance (a spreadsheet) no one served and so on. Right now anyone impacted holds all of the cards for a consumer suit and myself, other former employees, industry experts and fraud examiners will all attack these cases to give the people the perfect suits with every detail and law broken regulation violated spelled out in detail and statistical work up of hefty damages for that consumer while regulators get all the information and figure out what to do with this one. Any of you who read Matt Taibbi’s book and my part on this staying in line with Matt’s over and over again question of how is it no one went to jail and regulators saying bank cases are so complex we will even prepare everything needed to some criminal prosecutions gift wrapped and ready for a grand jury and see if we can get any takers. BTW the executives in Credit Card who admitting did this on purpose and not only fired but wiped out anyone that questioned anything or wouldn’t sign off or be apart of billions of dollars in fraud of course are still there and your accounts and data in their hands even the AVP shredder who shredded all customer and attorney correspondence, scra military notices, bankruptcy notices, stop payments ad the list goes on for a full 18 months. I mean there was no value in processing those items it didn’t bring in dollars per hour or day for the department so what if they were suing guys deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and claiming they were served so they come back to or the spouses have all their accounts wiped out. And consumers paying attorneys and no matter what they did it not slowing anything let alone stopping easy they were shredding it same with all the other stuff. She is among the group all promoted, raises and ruling with even more confidence than ever and they remind all at least weekly say a word and follow in my footsteps and get wiped out. Well as those people leave or find other jobs or early retirement you will notice more sources in the articles and although former employees received very serious calls from Chase when the AG investigations started telling them to call their attorneys immediately if contacted by any AG or regulator that “Chase would provide them with the legal resources they would need in these investigations” making it sound like they former employees were under some criminal investigation and needed Chase attorneys to protect them. In reality it was intentional obstruction of justice and they wanted to get them under retained so that their handpicked and scripted attorneys spoke for the employees. Well several eventually told them where to go and asked which AG’s and regulators they were worried about so they could ask for subpeonas. Again anyone with a Chase, WaMu or Providian judgment against them if you owed money or not or already paid contact me via one of my websites or lindaalmonte,com there is a team here that wants to give you every resource imaginable to make Chase pay you for their intentional fraud against you and will work to get you max min damages the only way to really stop them or the rest of the industry also a train-wreck is to put the screws to the high profit margins.. Currently only 1% of consumers get an attorney and file anything for these billions of dollars in intentional fraud, usually it is hard to get a consumer attorney experienced in this, they don’t have any money because their wages are garnished and so on. They actually plan out x million dollars a year in “cost of doing business lawsuits” as they call them It is such a tiny hit compared to the billions even if they total in the millions it is a joke. Well this motivated team can uncover every little violation, damages you received past present and future you may not realize and go for high punitive damages to stop the abuse of courts for intentional fraud. I am in Florida now but will be back and forth from Florida and California the next couple of month. Remember California also has an AG lawsuit against Chase for this and recently won the motion to dismiss against their 8 month fight and so any residents of California would be great and there is a LA team ready to go. So spread the word everyone pull credit bureaus and check court records looking for any judgments from banks, creditors or debt buyers especially Chase because of the intentional violations and lying to regulators and the world but with all of the orders out now really from anyone you have a good hands down case. And remember they rolled out a lot of tighter laws and regulations and you do have options and recourse even if you do owe the debt filing falsified evidence in court and not serving people makes that judgment illegally obtained in every way. Just think what would happen if in criminal cases it got our a police department was manufacturing evidence to guarantee and outcome and denying the person the right to an attorney or even to know about the trial and show up. It is really the same abuses of the judicial system in either situation. And as now every regulatory agency has confirmed over and over robosigning is illegal in any situation and by the way debt buyers all affidavits are robosigned there is no one with personal knowledge or access to it they are not allowed to file affidavits and can’t get them. And robo-calls are illegal and you can get an instant $500 to $1500 per call. The details are on my website but lets start knocking out that profitability at millions of peoples expense.
Linda Almonte


2 responses to “A message from whistleblower Linda Almonte

  1. Susan Richardson

    I know your focus is credit card fraud, but I sure wish you would find some whistleblowers at Urban Lending Solutions.

    • Susan,
      Credit card fraud is not the only fraud that she is currently focusing on. She is working with former executive of Countrywide and whistleblower who blew the whistle on Countrywide’s corporate governance Michael Winston to get some justice for him.You may want to contact Linda on your recommendation on whistleblowers.

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