Foreclosure lawyer appeals reprimand tied to ‘robo-signing’ cases

Foreclosure lawyer appeals reprimand tied to ‘robo-signing’ cases

PORTLAND, Maine — A lawyer disciplined for not blowing the whistle loudly enough on his client’s “robo-signed” foreclosure documents is fighting the public reprimand he received from the Maine legal profession’s oversight board in April.

The Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar had determined that Drummond & Drummond lawyer Paul Peck, who led the firm’s foreclosure division, did not “ take immediate and effective action” to stop foreclosure proceedings in 2010 that were based on faulty affidavits.

James Bowie, the attorney representing Peck in the appeal, said his client is contesting the factual basis for the board’s decision.

“The panel issued the lowest level of discipline that is available if they are going to issue discipline,” Bowie said in a telephone interview. “Despite that, we feel the factual findings don’t support the imposition of any discipline at all.”

Peck is seeking to have the reprimand dismissed in favor of a warning, which two of his colleagues received; the bar overseers are seeking to have the reprimand upheld and have Peck pay its legal fees.

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