San Francisco landlord uses loophole to evict 98-year-old who paid rent on time for 50 years

It’s called gentification, folks…

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Don’t be fooled by the frail frame of the 98-year-old woman that answers the door of a San Francisco apartment.

The elderly woman is putting up a brawny fight against the landlord that is trying to kick her out of her home.

“I didn’t sit down and cry, I just refused to believe it,” said Mary Phillips.

“They’re going to have to take me out of here feet first.”

Phillips has lived at her Dolores Street apartment for 50 years, but now her landlord, Urban Green Investments, is evicting her along with several other tenants through the Ellis Act.

The 1986 Ellis Act is a state law that gives landlords the unconditional right to evict tenants to get out of the rental business.

Urban Green Investments has purchased a number of buildings in San Francisco, has evicted its residents through the Ellis Act, and is reselling the buildings for profit.

Many of those being evicted are low income families and seniors.

“I’ve been very happy here,” Phillips said. “I’ve always paid my rent, I’ve never been late.”

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