Did John Wiley Price alleged co-conspirator and political consultant Kathy Nealy buy her own condo out of foreclosure?

According to a public document called a Rescission of Substitute Trustee’s Sale and Cancellation of Substitute Trustee’s Deed, Kathy Nealy, an alleged co-conspirator of John Wiley Price’s, apparently bought or got her condo unit at The Terrace back into her ownership after it was sold to PHH Mortgage on August 9, 2013.

The mortgage default was rescinded on December 13, 2013, signed by Nealy on January 9, 2014, and notarized by Price on January 28, 2014.

Yet in DCAD, the ownership of unit 216 at The Terrace, 2323 N. Houston St., is still listed as the Federal National Mortgage Association. Huh.

Cheryl Jordan at the Dallas County Appraisal District says DCAD picks up whatever is filed at the Dallas County Clerk’s office. “We look at warranty deeds filed,” she says. “We can’t look at every court document filed, unless someone brings it to our attention.”

Well, now it’s now been brought to their attention.

Read on.


Kathy Nealy, a political consultant currently under indictment by the FBI for an alleged bribery conspiracy, owned a unit inside the Victory Park highrise known as the Terrace. Once under foreclosure, Nealy’s unit was then taken off foreclosure rolls and the deed was transferred to Nealy and signed by John Wiley Price.

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