An assignment of mortgage but not the note

Nothing has changed from the banksters. Still submitting fraudulent documents in the county recorder offices. Check this out. This is an email that I received from Virginia of Deadly Clear website. Thanks Virginia!:

Another one to follow – thought you’d find interesting.

Aloha, Virginia


Begin forwarded message:

From: Tim Morell <>
Date: August 21, 2014 9:08:58 AM HST
To: Tim Morell <>
Subject: assignment of mortgage but not the note…

Here is a not your typical MERS type assignment of mortgage.  This is a situation where Citimortgage originally was the holder of the note and filed suit for foreclosure in 2013. The borrower got a successful modification. He started the process with Citi, but Citi advised him that a new servicer would be taking over: FIC Lender Services LLC.

One thing led to another and the client received copies of assignments of the mortgage first from CIti to Ameriquest and then from Ameriquest to US Home Ownership LLC. (that one is below).
We then got a letter from US Home Ownership that included a contract where it stated that it was now our lender pursuant to this assignment. My client signed it and began making his payments. 

Now… here’s the weird part… Citimortgage is proceeding on the original foreclosure. They say that they have the original note and are therefore entitled to enforce it…


One response to “An assignment of mortgage but not the note

  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    This is exactly what we try to warn the courts about. Nobody knows for sure who they are paying. It’s all a crap shoot. Dubin is right – make them all produce the note and record it or shut the hell up!

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