Senator Brown discusses plans for Bank of America foreclosure settlement

LOGAN – Senior United States Senator for Ohio, Sherrod Brown (D) hosted a conference call on Wednesday to discuss a record setting $16 billion settlement from Bank of America.

“It’s been some six years since the financial crises wreaked terrible damage on homeowners and investors in our state and across the country,” said Brown. “We made progress, we know though that the economy can’t fully recover until the housing industry does.”

The Thriving Communities Institute, an organization dedicated to eliminating vacant housing, estimates that 50,000 abandoned properties across the state have fallen into disrepair. According to their website:

“Vacant properties act like infectious and deadly agents in our communities. One vacant house on a block destroys the value of nearby homes. Soon, due to loss of value, foreclosures and bank walk-aways, the nearby homes become vacant as the disease spreads. Soon the entire neighborhood is dead and diseased, having been destroyed by this contagious and toxic process. Then the adjacent areas are infected and the disease spreads further … predictably, relentlessly, and with devastating consequences.”

“In too many cases big banks disregarded the law, they foreclosed on homeowners who were trying to pay their bills on time, and through this practice the banks generated billions in profits,” said Brown. “It’s time for them to start paying some of that back to the communities who suffered.”

To this effect, Brown joined forces with many of his colleagues in congress to investigate and discover which institutions were the main culprits of the foreclosure fraud, resulting in the largest lenders agreed to pay more than $16 billion in retribution. The three larges U.S. banks must dedicate $13 billion of that total to various consumer relief programs.

“These funds won’t erase the housing crisis, but they’ll help reverse its course,” said Brown. “That’s why I’ve teamed up with Senator Rob Portman to ensure that Ohio receives its fair share.”

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3 responses to “Senator Brown discusses plans for Bank of America foreclosure settlement

  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    How much more naive can Congress be? The Taxpayers funds are doled out by the Fed and these bankster use it to pay fines. Unless they confiscate the patents used in the business of fraud and corruption or reinstae Glass-Steagall it is doubtful it will EVER reverse their course.

  2. Don’t get me wrong – I love Sherrod – but he is one naive SOB!

  3. A lot of the lawmakers except for Senator Warren and Congressman Grayson don’t get it. It’s all about the lack of transfer in the mortgage securitization, RMBS, and CMBS. The lawmakers can suck as much money from the banksters but there will never be clear title for the homeowners. Too much changing of the hands of loans for the banksters. Not one lawmakers is talking about auditing the banks. Get the IRS audits from all the banks and they will see how many loans were not properly transferred into the securitized trusts and how many banks violated REMICs. If they see how much money they can recoop from the violation of REMICs and security fraud, then we are talking about a lot of money for the homeowners, lawsuits by the homeowners, investors, shareholders, etc., jail time for the bank execs, and the lost of the banks’ licenses.

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