Body of missing Arkansas Realtor who was going show a foreclosed home to client found in shallow grave

This is very sad. For those that are real estate agents, be very careful out there…

The search for Beverly Carter, the Arkansas Realtor who has been missing since Sept. 25, ended tragically early Tuesday when her body was found in a shallow grave about 25 miles north of Little Rock.

Arron Lewis, of Jacksonville, was arrested Monday morning and now faces the death penalty, as he is being charged with capital murder and kidnapping.

Lewis entered a plea of not guilty to capital murder Tuesday morning.

“Lewis admitted to kidnapping Beverly Carter, but would not divulge her whereabouts,” the sheriff’s office said early Tuesday.

Lewis was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility on Monday after his arrest. Investigators said they obtained information that led them to the property where the grave was located.

Lewis told reporters she was chosen because “she was a woman that worked alone — a rich broker.”

(See video of the statement below article.)

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