Deutsche Bank Manager Sues Over Firing for Sexual Remarks

A Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) executive, fired over allegations he sexually harassed female colleagues, said in a lawsuit that he was the one who suffered discrimination.

Konrad Joy, the chief operating officer in the global risk department before being fired in 2013, told a London employment tribunal that the bank accepted accusations against him that were false or exaggerated without a proper investigation.

“The conduct of those involved in the process amounted to harassment,” Joy, a Deutsche Bank employee for 24 years, said in a witness statement. “I do not believe a female managing director in my position would have been dealt with in this biased and prejudiced way.”

Joy, who is suing for gender discrimination, is seeking his job back and compensation of more than 20 million pounds ($32 million), Deutsche Bank said in court documents. That makes it one of the largest U.K. employment tribunal claims in recent years. Damages in employment cases are normally capped at about 70,000 pounds, unless there is evidence of discrimination based on race, religion or gender.

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