Homeowner locked out by her own bank, Bank of America

Robin Cox thought she was well on the way to rebuilding the south Seattle home where she raised seven children.

But a mysterious padlock on her front door changed everything.

The construction crew that was rebuilding her home after a devastating 2013 fire notified Cox that they couldn’t get in the house.
Cox soon learned that her mortgage servicer, Bank of America, had placed new locks on her doors.

“I was like, ‘What’s going on? What is this? Why is this here?'” said Cox.

She was involved in a longstanding dispute with the bank over a loan modification that was supposed to reduce her monthly mortgage. The modification deal was signed with Countrywide, a mortgage company that cut a deal to sell itself to Bank of America in 2008.

“There was $160,000 put into this house through the first year, so I was never under water. I wasn’t like we were belly up or anything,” said Cox.

That’s why Cox said she was stunned when the home that she owns was locked up by the bank — even though the home isn’t in foreclosure.

Records obtained by the KING 5 Investigators show that the Washington Attorney General’s Office has 13 similar complaints on file. The AG’s office lists them as “property preservation” complaints.

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