Local JPMorgan head says he’s out after disagreement “on a matter of principle”

Wayne Trotman, who has been the Philadelphia-based mid-Atlantic market president at JPMorgan Chase & Co. for the past three years, said the firm has “taken actions that have resulted in our separation,” according to an email he sent to colleagues Friday that was obtained by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“The firm and I disagree on a matter of principle and they have taken actions that have resulted in our separation,” Trotmansaid in the email. “Their formal silence regarding my departure has been deafening and potentially damaging to my reputation in the industry. Consequently, I am compelled to inform you that I have neither committed, nor have I been accused of any wrong doing. I want to take this time to thank all of you for your friendship and partnership.”

Trotman went on to thank his colleagues from his two previous positions with the company for their friendship.

“JPMorgan is a great firm and has great promise but it is a work in process,” Trotman said. “I care deeply about the firm and wish it well.”

When reached by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Trotman declined comment.

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