Judge denies former Fannie CFO access in GSE lawsuit

The federal judge overseeing the Fairholme Fund’slawsuit against Treasury has denied former Fannie Mae CFO J. Tim Howard admission as an expert to view the material from discovery.

Government attorneys opposed Fairholme’s move to bring Howard on as an expert to view discovery, which is covered under a protective order.  They argued that Howard’s knowledge and bias would cause “damage to the economy.”

Howard was hired by Fairholme Funds in their lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury.

Back in August, U.S. Judge Margaret Sweeney handed Fairholme Funds a huge victory when she ruled in favor of broad access in discovery to FHFA records going back years, rather than the narrow period in 2012 that the FHFA wanted to limit discovery to.

This opened up, on a limited basis, more than 800,000 documents to discovery.

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