Screwing Our Vets Is an American Tradition

We have a long and proud history in this country of neglecting our veterans. It’s a tradition that goes back as far as the Civil War, if not longer. In the last few decades though, that we’ve allowed the behavior to not only continue, but to be ratcheted up a few notches from simple neglect to abuse and predatory behavior. It’s as if we’re saying, “Hell, they’ve been shot at, lived in the dirt, been taken prisoner, and tortured. They can take it.”

In February of this year, an effort to move forward with a $21 billion bill to enhance health care, education and job benefits for veterans, was blocked by the GOP; we’vecut food stamps, on which at least 900,000 military families rely; blocked a bill that was specifically supposed to create jobs for veterans; cut funding for the VA; sent them into battle with inadequate gear; and barely care for their health issues.

This week alone, there are glaring examples of how we treat our veterans. Steve Dibert over at MFI-Miami has a blog post up about how Deutsche Banks and Ocwen using forged notary stamps, duel tracking and other actions to take the home of a veteran dying of cancer. And then there’s angry lunatic and radio host Michael Savage who went on a disgusting rant, calling vets with PTSD “weak.” “narcissistic” and “losers.”

Nice way to treat the folks that have risked their lives for you to have the right and freedom to talk about and treat them that way, isn’t it?

Read on.

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