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My Turn: Is Mitch McConnell evil or just plain stupid?

Bipartisan, my foot. I don’t think so. Only 10 days of Congressional work for the year?

Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.” ~ Margaret Atwood, Award-winning author

Well, well, so much for bipartisanship.

Ten days after Republican Senator Mitch McConnellpromised to work with Democrats to improve the quality of life of all Americans, the honorable senator from Kentucky disavowed that promise by declaring war on America’s first black president.

In an interview with Louisville, Kentucky’s The Courier-Journal today, McConnell, who presumably will become Majority Leader in the United States Senate in January, accused President Obama of waging a “war on coal” and declared, “I’m going to war with him.”


A second war?


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JPMorgan Settles Claims It Cheated Shale-Rights Owners

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) settled a lawsuit by mineral-rights owners who accused the bank of cheating them out of $681 million in compensation for drilling rights in Texas.

Deal talks stalled and forced the start of a trial Nov. 12 in state court in San Antonio while negotiations continued. The settlement was reached yesterday as jurors heard a third day of testimony, according to lawyers for both the bank and beneficiaries of the South Texas Syndicate Trust.

The trust beneficiaries accused the bank, which was supposedly working on their behalf, of instead hatching favorable deals with commercial-banking clients Petrohawk Energy Corp. and Hunt Oil Co. for cut-rate prices on the trust’s rights to drill in the Eagle Ford shale formation, the highest-yielding oil field in the U.S.

“The case was resolved with some conditions, and the jury was excused,” Dan Sciano, a lawyer for the trust beneficiaries, said today in a phone interview. Sciano said he was optimistic “a sufficient number of beneficiaries” will sign the accord at their annual meeting in San Antonio this weekend.

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