Unarmed Kansas teen Joseph Jennings shot 16 times by police, media silent

Jospeh Jennings

There are a seriously deepening problems with some police officers in this country as well as some police departments that have rogue where the law to protect and serve the public has gone out the window. We have read and saw in current media coverages of the outcries of the public and protests of the police shootings nd deaths


of 18 year old Michael Brown and 12 year old Tamir Rice and choke hold killing by NYPD of Eric Garner. But, there is little media coverage and little outcry of the shooting of Joseph Jennings. The only difference between Brown, Rice, Garner, and Jennings is that Jennings is white. Here is the story of Joseph Jennings:

On August 23, 2014, police and the local sheriff’s department responded to a call about an armed man carrying a gun outside of the Orschein Farm and Home hardware store. The suspect, Joseph Jennings, a 18-year-old white male, was released three hours prior from Ransom Memorial Hospital after an attempted suicide the day before.

Interviews and statements made by Jennings’ aunt, Brandy Smith, indicate that lethal force was not necessary. An attempt to subdue Jennings was made by Smith’s husband before police threatened him with deadly force. Jennings, according to Smith, puffed out his chest and made threatening motions toward police, prompting officers to use deadly force.

Jennings received onsite medical attention for his wounds and later died in an Ottawa hospital. Police have neither confirmed the amount of shots fired nor if Jennings had a weapon.

On  a side note: An unarmed 20 years Dillion Taylor from Utah was shot to death by police officer outside a convenience store. Officer defended his shooting of  Taylor because he thought Taylor was pulling a gun out of his pants. Read more.

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