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“Cheerful” Dutch Financier Becomes 4th ABN Amro Banker Suicide


As Niburu details, friends and colleagues were startled by the news that Chris van Eeghen had committed suicide.

He worked in Amsterdam for ABN / AMRO in the position of “head of syndicate and corporate finance markets.”

He worked in Amsterdam for ABN / AMRO in the position of “head of syndicate and corporate finance markets.”

Again, there is again a familiar pattern, namely that there is no indication that Van Eeghen had plans to take his life.

Ostensibly a successful banker, coming from what was described as an illustrious family. Chris was also a familiar sight in Amsterdam’s nightlife scene and enjoyed national fame as possible new boyfriend of Tatjana Simic (a famous Croatian-Dutch model, singer, actress).

“I have never expected. It was an incredibly nice cute guy, “said a neighbor from Amsterdam. In banking circles he had a good reputation.

Most believe that the suicide is not related to his work at the bank,
but a former colleague had noticed that on his Facebook recently changed
its job title to “former.”

Chris leaves behind a son – who had recently been cleared of cancer.

*  *  *

This is the 4th ABN Amro suicide in recent years…

In December last year, missing couple, Thieu (64) [a relationship manager at ABN Amro] and Ellen (55) Leenen from Valkenswaard were found dead in their car Monday afternoon in the Bocholt-Herentals canal in Mol (Belgium). The circumstances under which the car is hit water, point to suicide, police said.

In April last year killed former ABN Amro board member Jan-Peter Schmittman even suicide.

In 2009, ABN-Amro banker and Fentener Vlissingen scion Huibert Boumeester an end to his life in London to put a bullet through his head. Cause for the suicide were missed Madoff investments, was then suggested.

* * *

This is the third banker death in 2015…

1) Michael Flanagan, 45, head of Foreign Exchange, National Australia Bank, London, England

2) Omar Meza, 33, Vice President, AIG, Los Angeles, America

3) Chris van Eeghen, 42, Head of Syndicate and Corporate Finance Markets, ABN / AMRO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After at least 36 banker deaths last year…



MBS Meme

A complaint filed on January 20, 2015 in U.S. District Court for Nevada—Michael Harkey v. U.S. Bank et al. (Case No. 2:14-cv-00177-RFB-GWF)–really breaks down exactly what the scam of MERS is, and it does so with a level of clarity and certainty the likes of which I have rarely seen.  The document even gives the foreclosure fraud a more accurate name: “The MERS-LPS Racketeering Enterprise.”  While reading it, I thought, “This is too good not to share,” so here are a few selections, just from the section labeled “THE PARTIES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS TO EACH OTHER AND TO THE SUBJECT MATTER”, which begins on p. 3 and can be downloaded and viewed here (to save you a trip to PACER): Harkey v. US Bank

This section of the complaint begins with a recitation of the history of the different iterations of  and relationships between “MERS”, “MERSCORP”…

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Bankers can’t improve ‘behind a prison cell’: CEO

As another World Economic Forum comes to a climax, global leaders remain at odds over the role of financial regulation, and whether the industry has learned from the mistakes of the past.

In a CNBC hosted seminar on the last day of the Davos event, Katherine Garrett-Cox, the CEO of investment and savings business Alliance Trust told an audience that 2015 will be a definitive year for the industry and wanted leaders to “step right up to the plate up” and “stop talking about stuff and actually start doing stuff.”

She added: “There is so much more we can accomplish, but we can’t do that behind the bars of a prison cell.”

Garrett-Cox believes that finance hasn’t seen much of a culture change since the global financial crash of 2008, and said that the “bigger have got bigger” by virtue of some banks failing. Therefore, she argued there is an increased the risk of another financial crisis.

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