Foreclosed by Nationstar, elderly couple can return home ; Judge lets them back as case proceeds, but they say it’s been damaged

A little more than a month after a lender forced an elderly couple from their home, a judge ruled the two are allowed back in while the foreclosure case continues.

Jimmie Thompson and Carrie Bell Smith bought their home on West 35th Street in 1995. They paid off the mortgage and wanted to do work on it.

They got a reverse mortgage – a loan that the couple wouldn’t have to pay back until they died, moved away or violated the contract. After they died, the lender could access the home’s value.

Thompson and Smith never missed insurance payments, never missed tax payments, never missed utility payments. But the lender claimed the couple moved, nullifying the deal and prompting the foreclosure.

Thompson, Smith and their neighbors say that’s not true. Records show the couple’s utility bills never dipped significantly.

Still, Nationstar Mortgage foreclosed on the couple and forced them out of the house. The lender said it doesn’t comment on foreclosure lawsuits.

The couple’s story was told last month in The Florida Times- Union.

Read on.

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