Mortgage Mess: Broker falsifies documents forcing clients into foreclosure

PITTSBURGH (WITI) — One woman’s good intentions and desire for profit led dozens of families into foreclosures.

“She saw there were so many people who wanted to live the American dream — buy a house who couldn’t afford it,” explained U.S. Postal Inspector Lisa Zerhusen.

Sylvia Bland operated a home renovation business.

“She would buy properties, rehab them and sell them,” Zerhusen said.

At some point, things changed.

“She saw people who wanted houses and couldn’t qualify them from a traditional bank. So, she decided she would help these people get loans,” Zerhusen said.

Bland became a mortgage broker.

“She would take all of their information. She would find a lender. She would submit whatever the lender wanted to make this go through  — Sylvia would make it happen,” Zerhusen explained.

MortgageMess1 Sylvia Bland was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after falsifying documents to obtain mortgage loans for clients.


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