Solve This, Class Tells Wells Fargo Bank

OAKLAND (CN) – A federal class action accuses Wells Fargo of deceptively charging customers for “solutions” to problems they never had, and services they never asked for.
Lead plaintiff Shahriar Jabbari sue then bank Wednesday, claiming it encourages employees to use illegal, fraudulent, deceptive and abusive tactics to open fee-generating accounts it calls by misrepresenting them or not informing customers at all.
Wells Fargo calls the tricks “solutions,” and induces employees to use them by giving them “unrealistic sales quotas,” Jabbari claims.
Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer filed a similar complaint against Wells Fargo last week.
The bank’s abusive “solutions” include hidden fees, adding unwanted secondary accounts to primary accounts without permission, misrepresentations and no representations at all, Jabbari says.
“(T)he bank also routinely opens customer accounts and issues credit cards without the customer’s authorization or knowledge,” the lawsuit states. “Then, when customers fail to maintain mandatory account balances, pay fees for accounts they did not know existed, or comply with some other undisclosed policy, Wells Fargo charges the customer a fee. Often Wells Fargo simply ‘pays’ this resulting fee by taking money from the clients’ existing accounts. Or Wells Fargo sends the ‘debt’ the customers ‘owe’ to a debt collection agency.”
If bank employees fail to meet their quotas, they could lose pay or lose their jobs, Jabbari claims.

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