Update on HOA threatening ‘jail time’ for family over color of backyard play set

HOA’s actions against this family are just plain evil..

Legal letters demand removal of the purple (!) swing set within weeks.

Editor’s note, early morning, Aug. 14: We reached Marla Stout late Thursday in advance of her  appearance Friday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” so this post has been updated throughout. She has mixed feelings about the media attention — which was instigated by neighbors contacting local reporters, not by the Stouts — because of her daughters, ages 8 and 5. “They start school on Wednesday, and this is not how we’d planned to spend our last week together. Bee starts kindergarten, and I was already a wreck over that and then this blew.” She took them out of town, but “my oldest got very upset today and cried because she thinks all of this is her fault because she wanted a colorful play set. My 5-year-old thinks they can stick it. … They have been all over the media and it was fun for five minutes, now not so much. Even though we have overwhelming community support, it’s hard.”

Editor’s note, about 4 p.m. PT Aug. 14: This post has been updated with information on the Go Fund Me campaign that friends and neighbors set up for the Stout Family Legal Defense Fund.

The offenders: the Stout family of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The offense: the color of their 2-year-old play set. It’s stained a shade of purple. (Purple! It’s practically a neutral! Well, here at Yahoo, anyway.)

Click here to read about it on Yahoo Homes.

These are documents from the Stout family’s dispute with their homeowner’s association over the color of their backyard play set. The Stouts’ September 2014 letter. Click here.

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