‘Shame campaign’ to target banks that drag out foreclosures

A “shame campaign” intended to prod banks into quicker resolutions on foreclosed homes was launched Friday in Buffalo’s Old First Ward.

Elected officials and community activists gathered outside 20 Sidway St., which has been vacant since its owner died in 2007. Foreclosure proceedings were initiated in 2010, then the judgment was vacated and the process started all over again, according to community activists.

A sign imploring Bank of America to “be a good neighbor” and “complete the foreclosure process” was stuck in the front lawn, which appeared to have been recently cut. But the lawn and the front steps were littered with debris.

“We are starting a shame campaign … to hold the banks accountable,” said Assemblyman Michael P. Kearns, D-Buffalo.

Pickets and boycotts against banks also are planned, he said, as efforts continue at the state level to pass legislation requiring banks to contact municipalities and neighbors when foreclosure proceedings commence.

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One response to “‘Shame campaign’ to target banks that drag out foreclosures

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    Interesting idea that should be expanded all across the United States.

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