Why I “love” Wells Fargo


Sorry for the misleading title. I don’t love Wells Fargo. Actually, a mortgage that I did through my credit union several years ago was sold off to Wells Fargo and “love” is not even close to the term that I would use to describe my feeling towards them. However I must be in the minority because Wells Fargo Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Moldafsky says “We do know that our customers tend to really love us…”

Is it their great rates or great service? I’m willing to make a bet it’s not. So what is he talking about? “Part of what makes us successful is that we are very omnichannel, and we consciously think about the fact that our customers are going to engage with us across these channels” Moldafsky says. Is your credit union barking up the wrong marketing tree with it’s message? Are you still using outdated language and delivery channels to make a dent in the goal of “reaching out to younger members?”

Read on.

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