Trump signs GOP pledge — with wrong date

The man is punking the party. He signed the pledge with the wrong date? And he is a business man? Certainly, that signed pledge is not a legal binding agreement…Check out Trump’s signed pledge dated August 3, 2015 and not September 3, 2015:

But, he later tweeted the corrected signed pledge:

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The Pledge

And his reason for the mistake date?:

When asked about the mistake, the GOP’s 2016 presidential front-runner dismissed it as someone else’s error.

“They put it in … yeah. Somebody else wrote it. We’ll change the date,” Trump said.

Somebody else wrote it? lol! Like I said Trump is doing a snowjob on the GOP party.

One response to “Trump signs GOP pledge — with wrong date

  1. Anyone can make a mistake and Trump will be notified of each and every little mistake he makes. If this is his worst mistake we will be blessed. The past three decades proven in history have had a lot of very bad decision making for the people and wrong doing. A small mistake is acceptable.

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