Judge Frees Kentucky Clerk Opposed to Gay Marriage From Jail

(CN) – Satisfied that Rowan County, Ky., is fulfilling its duty to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, a federal judge ordered the release of court clerk Kim Davis from jail Tuesday.
Davis was jailed on Thursday after U.S. District Judge David Bunning held her in contempt of court for refusing to marriage licenses, based on her belief that enabling gay couples to marry violates her religion.
Bunning said at last week’s contempt hearing that “the idea of natural law superseding this court’s authority would be a dangerous precedent indeed.”
The judge’s two-page ruling ordering Davis release Tuesday stipulates that Davis cannot interference with her deputy clerks issuing marriage licenses “to all legally eligible couples.”
“If defendant Davis should interfere in any way with their issuance, that will be considered a violation of this order and appropriate sanctions will be considered,” Bunning wrote.
With the five deputy clerks who work under Davis pledging to issue marriage licenses to couples, gay or straight, Bunning ordered these workers to file reports with his court every two weeks to ensure compliance, “unless otherwise excused by the court.”
Bunning decided to release Davis from custody after status reports indicted that marriage licenses were being properly issued in her county.

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And here is Judge Bunning’s two page ruling. Click here.

2 responses to “Judge Frees Kentucky Clerk Opposed to Gay Marriage From Jail

  1. She was married and divorced 4 times – had 2 kids out of wedlock – can anyone say non-Christian like – and she didn’t have her ‘come to Jesus moment’ until 2011 . . . she’s a little late to the party . . . but did she ever discuss in bible study that it was not her role to ‘judge’ . . . she is what is classically regarded a ‘baby Christian’ who has a long way to go – perhaps her judgment would best be used in not issuing licenses to kids who like her will only end up divorced 4 times with bastards in tow . . .

    • Kim Davis is an elected official that took an oath to abide by the law outlined from her job, religion or no religion. And since her religious beliefs plays a significant role in every decision that she makes at her job, Ms. Davis needs to find another line of work other than working for the government. Oh and didn’t Huckabee do his homework to ask for permission from group, Survivor, when they played at the Kim Davis Rally, Eye of the Tiger? That is certainly a copyright infringement violation.

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