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Goldman Sachs targets Millennial recruits through Snapchat

Goldman Sachs (GS) launched a new ad strategy throughSnapchat to broaden its allure among Millennials, according to an article in Reuters.

The ads appear on Snapchat’s Campus Story function, a curated platform for user-generated contents such as pictures and videos at college campuses nationwide. Goldman’s 10-second recruitment clips appear between user-generated content segments.

Only Snapchatters whose phones indicate they are in and around a campus, or were there in the last 24 hours, are able to post to and view the Campus Story.

The new ad campaign could help get the bank back into the good graces of Millennials after it fell into the limelight back in June when it demanded its summer interns be out of the office between midnight and 7 a.m.

Goldman Sachs is the first major Wall Street bank to turn to Snapchat for potential hires, the articled explained.

And if done right, the bank could led to the way for this new way effective way to advertise to Millennials.

The mortgage industry is quickly aging, and the current average age of a loan officer is about 54 years old.

Could Snapchat be one way to fix this? Answer in the comments below.

Source: Reuters