Hackers claim to have hacked Fidelity Bank for Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Fund

original Donald Trump

Hackers demand ransom from Fidelity Bank to withhold stolen data, claim amount will be paid to Donald Trump election campaign

In what may be the first time in history, hackers claim to have hacked a website and stolen information for helping United States Presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s campaign. The hackers group who call themselves ‘Hack for Trump’ hacked into the websites of Fidelity Bank and claim to have stolen vital information which is valuable for the bank.

The group is now demanding that the company pay $30,000 in order to keep ‘Hack for Trump’ from releasing the information. In a message to Fidelity, the Hack for Trump said that, “If Fidelity does pay us, we plan on using those funds to help Donald Trump get elected to the White House as he is the only candidate who can restore America to its former glory.”

Fidelity on its part said that the hackers had managed to breach some of its websites. Fidelity has stated in a press release it has taken its website offline and evaluated the websites that were ‘repeatedly hacked’. The bank’s websites are hosted by a third-party vendor and hold minimal client information.

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