[Snapshot] Here’s the latest progress on Chase’s RMBS settlement

Chase credited with $3.6B in consumer relief

Here is a snapshot of the update consumer relief

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(Source: Joseph Smith)


National Mortgage Settlement Monitor Joseph Smith credited Chase with $3,555,280,673 in consumer relief to 158,107 borrowers through March 31, 2015.

This is Smith’s sixth report on JPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) progress on its settlement with the federal government and five states concerning claims that Chase,Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual packaged and sold bad residential mortgage-backed securities to investors before the financial crisis.

“We continue to help thousands of families become homeowners and assist those who may be struggling.  We have helped nearly 162,000 families through more than $19 billion in total mortgage relief,” JPMorgan said in a statement.

Chase also self-reported consumer relief credit for the second quarter of 2015. As of June 30, 2015, Chase claimed an additional $126,253,926 in consumer relief.

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