Bernie Sanders’ Run Could Have Long-Term Impact on Wall Street

The anger directed at Wall Street in the wake of the financial crisis may seem like a distant memory, but the financial industry is again in the hot seat thanks to the surprising stamina of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The Vermont senator’s populism is making its way into the talking points of Democratic and Republican candidates alike, which means the 1 percent could be a target regardless of who winds up in the White House.

“I think at first people were surprised at how much of a challenge Bernie Sanders was to Hillary Clinton, but then you think back about the days of Occupy Wall Street and you realize there’s still a lot of anger festering and a lot of people still haven’t participated in the economic recovery,” said Mitchell Goldberg, president of ClientFirst Strategy, Inc., an investment advisory firm.

“You definitely get a sense of dread… he’s really going after Wall Street,” said Sam Hamadeh, CEO of PrivCo, a company that researches financial information on private companies.

While most financial professionals initially dismissed Sanders as a serious candidate, they now believe his candidacy will have a lingering effect on public sentiment on topics like taxes and regulations.

Read on.

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