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Barclays : could face another $100 million fine in FX probe – source

(Reuters) – Barclays Plc will pay at least another $100 million (65.7 million pounds) in a settlement with the New York financial regulator to resolve allegations that it rigged foreign exchange markets, a person familiar with the matter said.

The British bank could settle with the New York Department of Financial Services by next month, the person said.

Barclays agreed to pay $120 million earlier this month to settle private U.S. litigation accusing it of conspiring with rivals to rig the benchmark interest rate known as Libor.

Barclays had agreed in May to pay $650 million on charges related to U.S. dollars and euro trading in the forex spot market.

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Steven J. Baum foreclosure abuses cause a US Bank loss in Poughkeepsie, NY

On Tuesday November 17, 2015 the Dutchess County clerk released and posted an order by the Honorable Judge James V. Brands, wherein the Judge turned back the hands of time and Ordered a Traverse Hearing to determine the validity of the service of process, in aforeclosure case where the property had already been scheduled for a public auction on the steps of the Dutchess County Courthouse. The decision is available HERE.

In an interview with Mr. McCaffrey on Tuesday November 17, 2015, he explained the history of the case and background. “This client almost lost his house” said McCaffrey, and “the bank here, hired Steven J. Baum to commence their foreclosure and he in turn hired a process server who resorted to sewer service… Steven Baum is well-known for foreclosure abusesand the disgusting practices of his band of cohorts”.

This order was the culmination of months of litigation work by attorney Brian McCaffrey’s firm on behalf of homeowner Gildardo Diez of Poughkeepsie, NY. In August of 2015 the lender scheduled a foreclosure sale of the Diez home. That’s when Diez contacted Mr. McCaffrey. Mr. McCaffrey’s firm worked feverishly to pull together the history and facts of the case and review the prior documents submitted in the case.

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U.S. Focuses on Banks’ Reports to Track Islamic State Targets

The U.S. government is increasingly using bank reports on suspicious transactions to identify Islamic State targets and other terrorist facilities, including determining which refineries to hit with airstrikes, a senior U.S. official said Tuesday.

Information that banks must report to the Treasury Department on suspicious transfers, deposits and other transactions is helping officials identify which terrorist-held oil refineries are the most productive and therefore the best targets, said Kurt Gredzinski, an official with the U.S. Special Operations Command.


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And Then There Were 13… Bobby Jindal Says Peace Out to His Presidential Campaign


Jindal has never left the kid’s table Presidental debate since the beginning.. Jindal is the third person voted off the island…

As Politico reports, Jindal is the third Republican to suspend his campaign, after former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out earlier this year.

In Baltimore, Race Is The Deciding Factor In Mortgage Lending



Here are some screenshots from the interactive map presented by The Times which should tell you all you need to know about social/ income mobility and Baltimore:

In this context, we present a few excerpts from a New York Times piece out Monday which takes a look at a new study by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition who looked at mortgage lending in Baltimore.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Coalition found that the most important determinate for loans was the racial composition of the neighborhood. Not income. Not credt. But race.

But, the coalition says its analysis shows that the racial makeup of a neighborhood — and not income, for instance — is the most significant predictor of whether a loan gets made in Baltimore.

“If lenders are not making loans in a community, the opportunities for people to work their way out of poverty is pretty slim,” said John Taylor, the coalition’s president. “In Baltimore, the prevailing factor behind who gets a mortgage is the racial composition of the neighborhood.”

Here’s more:

The black population of Baltimore is double that of the white population. Yet in 2013, banks made more than twice as many mortgage loans to whites in the city as they did to blacks.

The stark difference in mortgage lending, derived from the most recent government mortgage data, is the focus of a new study that will be released on Tuesday by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, a consumer advocacy group.

Deutsche Bank Too Late on Bad Mortgage Claim

(CN) – Deutsche Bank’s claims that Quicken Loans misrepresented the quality of mortgage loans in 2006 are untimely, the Second Circuit ruled.
Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company bought a number of mortgage loans from Quicken Loans in 2006, which were securitized in a Deutsche Bank trust.
The agreement included a series of representations and warranties (R&Ws) about the quality of the mortgage loans, and a provision that Quicken had to repurchase the loan at a prescribed price if a breach of the R&Ws was discovered.
In 2013, Deustche Bank sued Quicken claiming that an independent audit found breaches of the R&Ws with respect to borrower income, debt-to-income ratios, and owner occupancy. It said it demanded Quicken cure or repurchase the loans but the defendant failed to do so.
In court, Quicken said the breach of contract was time-barred, and a federal judge agreed.
The Second Circuit affirmed the ruling Monday.

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HUD settles with Mortgage One for requiring borrower to provide proof of disability

Michigan lender accused of asking for doctor’s note

The Department of Housing and Urban Developmentannounced Tuesday that it reached a settlement with a Michigan-based lender over discriminating against a borrower with disabilities.

According to HUD, Mortgage One, based in Sterling Heights, allegedly delayed a man’s loan application because of his disabilities.

Specifically, the man alleged that before closing on the loan, Mortgage One requested that he provide verification from his doctor that his disability is permanent and/or a letter from the Social Security Administration stating that he would remain on disability for at least three years.

According to HUD, Mortgage One and loan officer Nancy Doody required the mortgage applicant to provide intrusive and unnecessary documentation regarding his disabilities before approving his FHA-insured mortgage, a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

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DOJ reportedly pursuing criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase, RBS executives

Attention Justice League readers: We heard this story before over and over again from the DOJ. I’ll believe it when I see it…

Following through on policy changes announced earlier this year that opened the door to individuals being held criminally responsible for corporate misconduct that helped cause the financial crisis, the Department of Justice is reportedly pursuing criminal charges against executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) andJPMorgan Chase (JPM).

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, federal investigators are working on establishing cases against the RBS and JPMorgan Chase executives for “allegedly selling flawed mortgage securities,” despite reportedly receiving warnings that they were securitizing too many potentially toxic mortgages.

From the Wall Street Journal report:

Officials are working to establish that the bankers ignored warnings from associates that they were packaging too many shaky mortgages into investment offerings and are weighing whether they can prove that constituted fraud, the people said.

At RBS, prosecutors are scrutinizing a $2.2 billion deal that repackaged home mortgages into bonds in 2007, the people said. In a 2013 civil settlement with RBS, the Securities and Exchange Commission described the lead banker on that deal, whom it didn’t name, as trying to push it through over concerns of the diligence department.

At J.P. Morgan, prosecutors are focusing on two people who worked on a different residential-mortgage deal, the people said.

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Wells Fargo names Sloan as President/COO; potential successor to Stumpf

Interesting retirement age for senior execs at Wells Fargo…

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) names Timothy Sloan as its new President and COO, setting him up as a potential successor to CEO John Stumpf.

In addition to his new title, Sloan will continue to lead WFC’s wholesale banking business.

Many observers both inside and outside the company have seen Sloan as a potential successor to Stumpf.

Stumpf will turn 65 in 2018, and under company rules, all senior execs normally must retire by Dec. 31 of the year in which they turn 65.

Source: Seeking Alpha