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Walmart Used Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin To Monitor Employees

Big Walmart is watching you.. And people talk about the government watching them???


As a growing number of Walmart employees began demanding higher wages, with some also calling for workers to unionize, the nation’s largest retailer hired one of the world’s largest defense contractors to follow the online activities of critical employees.

A lengthy report from Bloomberg Businessweek details Walmart’s multi-pronged approach to keeping track of its employees in response to rising pro-union sentiment, like calling the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces when it learned that supporters of the Occupy movement might protest Walmart HQ.

The part that really caught our attention was Walmart’s use of Lockheed Martin, a company associated more with fighter jets than labor disputes.

But since 2011, the folks at Lockheed’s data analytics division have offered a product called LM Wisdom, which the company’s own brochure [PDF] markets as a tool for fighting things like drug/guns/human trafficking, organized crime, and gang violence, but which Walmart used in 2012 and 2013 to track Walmart staffers.

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Coal CEO Thanks Rep. Lamar Smith, Asks Him to Expand Probe of Climate Scientists

In recent remarks Robert E. Murray, the chief executive officer of Murray Energy, the largest privately-held coal mining company in America, enthusiastically praised Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Tex., the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, for leading an investigation into prominent climate scientists and environmental officials.

Murray, speaking at a gathering in Austin last week for global warming deniers organized by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said he wanted to “congratulate” Smith on his subpoena of Kathryn Sullivan, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Murray then declared that the American Meteorology Association and Union of Concerned Scientists, two private nonprofits that serve the scientific community, also “need to be investigated.”

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Ex-BofA employee: My firing was ‘act of violence”

Former Bank of America chief of global wealth management Sallie Krawcheck isn’t over her firing by boss Brian Moynihan.

One of Wall Street’s toughest cookies revealed her darkest career moments earlier this month in an interview — from being dropped from 96 percent of colleagues’ Christmas-card lists after exiting BofA and also receiving photocopies of male workers’ private parts to getting booted from BofA.

Krawcheck reveals all in a new podcast interview series called “Radiate” with Bloomberg journalist Betty Liu.

“The Bank of America [firing] felt like a random act of violence, because the business that I had responsibility for was doing well, it was growing, it might have been the only business there that was growing. Our noses were clean. There were no scandals,” she says, adding, “Then I got reorganized out.”

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Burger King manager testified before a federal grand jury, accused Chicago police of erasing surveillance video of Laquan McDonald

CHICAGO — A Burger King manager who accuses Chicago police of erasing surveillance video in the case of a black teenager shot last year by a white officer says he has testified before a federal grand jury investigating the shooting.

Jay Darshane tells the Chicago Tribune that the FBI also took the restaurant video recorder containing all of its surveillance images.

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