The Disappearing Derivatives … Mystery Solved?

With everything going on with Wall Street you may have missed a Reuters article by Charles Levinson that talked of hundreds of billions of dollars of trades by U.S. banks which went missing early last year.
Has the mystery of these disappearing derivatives been solved? Well, maybe.
It seems the trades had not really disappeared, they’d just been resettled, so to speak, thanks to a loophole that had been handed down in 2013 by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission( CFTC). Thanks to the changing of a few key words in swaps contracts, that loophole allowed for trades to be shifted to Europe where the regulations governing trades are by far more lenient than in the U.S., and largely outside of many of the restrictions mandated by Dodd-Frank.
This loophole impacted some of the most widely traded financial derivatives in the world – incidentally, some of the same instruments that helped bring down the economy in 2008 and which eventually led to government bailouts of the big banks  involved in this roulette game.

2 responses to “The Disappearing Derivatives … Mystery Solved?

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    It’s 3pm – do you know where your collateral is? Lenient? Isn’t that what Lehman said before they were thrown into bankruptcy and lost their assets to Europe because their bankruptcy rules are different too?

  2. Leah Dean Harris County TX 2616 Mill Creek Dr Pasadena TX 77503 now evicted from property which Original Lender America’s Wholesale Lender (fictitious) appointed MERS® (fictitious) as nominee and beneficiary 4-1/2 years after pool CWABS 2007-2 closed did a Assignment of Deed of Trust signed by Christine Daymude Assistant Secretary to MERS® conveyed my property to Bank of New York Mellon Trustee for Asset Backed Certificates CWABS Inc Series 2007-2 and then Bank of America Employee Melanie D Cowan fabricated Corporate Assignment of Deed of Trust signing as Assistant Secretary to MERS® then right behind that document same day in sequential order fabricates a Substitute Trustee document signed Melanie D Cowan Vice President Attorney in Fact for Bank of America. This property was scheduled for 4-1/2 years to be foreclosed on until they finally in their so called loop hole had Harvey Law Group who I had 100% Disputed the debt to 8/2014 and never responded to my dispute turned around and auctioned the property on behalf of the Creditor Bank of New York Mellon. Bull Shit, Bull Shit. Bank of New York Mellon is not a Creditor and I had never signed into any contract with Bank of New York Mellon. I never signed a Mortgage with any existing Corporation or Entity. All Fictitious (Bad Loan) created by Wall Street set up to fail. I am pissed, I want justice, I want compensation, I want Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, and Stonecrest Acquisitions foreclosed on until I get my compensation. I want Jon O Freeman Owner of Stonecrest Acquisitions investigated to see if he has a foreign agent to act on his behalf in Texas. I want these crooks arrested. I mean Brian Moynihan, Melanie D Cowan, Robert Serna, all Bank of America and Bank of New York Employees who even participated in fabricating documents to throw me out of my house. I am fed up with lies, I am fed up with calling shit loans, Mortgages when the corporations these bull shit loans were made up in didn’t even exist. I want Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart fired, I want Judge Theresa Chang removed from the Bench Ct #2 Harris County TX. I am sick and tired of being ran over by criminals. I am tired of being lied to by our Government, ripped off by Banks, stealing cheating the system to harm others. Please somebody with some balls investigate my case. CWABS 2007-2 FWP Alleged 155397447, Who is America’s Wholesale Lender “A Corporation” Existing under New York Law Jan 23, 2007, who are they?? Why can’t I get in touch with this Lender why is everything intercepted by Bank of America, Attorney’s Blank and Rome, Bank of New York Mellon, Mortgage electronic Registration Systems, Inc aka MERS®. People are fed up and know there was no Loan, no Lender, a way to make Wall Street rich, Goldman Sachs, S & P, Moody, all the Wall Street players rich and we have NO LENDER!!! Nothing was ever lent. We have nothing but a bunch of trademarks, service marks, assumed names, lies lies lies. Nothing makes sense but I know this damn much I don’t owe a debt to anyone!!! Prove the debt. Come on Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, pull the note out of your ass. I’m waiting. I have been asking for over 5 years where is that note with all the endorsements where you were supposed to follow New York Trust Law under the Pooling and Service Agreement. Why did the Assignment of Deed of Trust not get fabricated until 4-1/2 years after the pool closed. Better yet, why did CWABS 2007-2 file a Form 15-D with the SEC stating one year exactly after pool was formed there was no longer enough investors involved to have to report to the SEC anymore? Because there were never any Loans. Why was 155397447 in that pool CWABS 2007-2 before I ever closed on my home? Why?? Because that Loan existed before I ever closed on the property. Could that be because of Credit Debt Obligations that belonged to Chase? Credit Swaps, Bank of New York Trustee and Master Servicer Bank of America, did you get all the proper documents from origination endorsed by every trade on the Note properly handled as per the PSA 424B5? Did you do exactly as the Federal Document the PSA under New York Trust Law called out? I don’t think so. Why does Servicer Bank of America send note without endorsement in 2011 and then in 2012 Blank and Rome Attorneys send a note without endorsement, then Adjustable Rate Rider, no endorsement, then promissory note stamped Michelle Sjolander Executive Vice President Countrywide Homes Loans, Inc dba America’s Wholesale Lender………..wait……. Note and Deed of Trust don’t say anything at all about Countrywide Home Loans, Inc dba no no no!!!! It reads America’s Wholesale Lender, “A Corporation” a complete separate entity on it’s own, A Corporation……. A Corporation…… existing under New York Law. Liars Liars Liars. Alissa Reatz Bank of New York Mellon why did you write me and say Bank of New York Mellon does not own loan or property has no say and Bank of New York Mellon is not a Lender and should not be called out as such. But yet Bank of New York Mellon acted as a Lender. Yes, filed a recorded Deed as Owner of the Property, then sold the property to Stonecrest Acquisitions. Bank of New York Mellon, how did you become the Owner of the Loan and the property????? America’s Wholesale Lender???? MERS® Fictitious, Assumed entities. Really?????? Hey I don’t write the laws the politicians write the laws and in Texas it clearly states a Fictitious entity has no standing to foreclose. Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America, Harvey Law Group, how did you pull of a legal foreclosure with forgeries, robosigned documents, notary fraud. How did you do it. Non-Judicial State. Nobody cares and everybody is too damn lazy to do their job. Lies Lies Lies and more Lies, YES EVERYONE, PISSED OFF SICK OF BEING KICKED AROUND BY BIG BANKS AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, THE SEC, THE FBI, THE OCC, THE DOJ, THE BANKS, WALL STREET, ATTORNEY GENERAL, I want CEO Brian Moynihan, Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan Chase prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All of you high and mighty above the Law above God criminals out there, I want you prosecuted. Me and 35 Million other homeowners who were injured by Wall Street, and all of you corrupt banks and politicians. RICO, TILA, Treason, you name it. Time for arrest to be made. Who has balls big enough to do it. AMERICA THE BRAVE MY ASS!!

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