Interview Survey Reporter: Wang Wang Qishan Panama file corruption has become an important clue

Voice of America website (translated n English):

Reporter survey by the International Union (ICIJ) the gradual exposure of the “Panama file” issue again hidden wealth of Chinese nomenklatura presented in front of the world. Including Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, including at least eight current and former CPC CPC top leaders named their families were exposed in overseas “tax havens” control the secretive offshore companies. China blocked related news, also accused the US government to discredit China’s information warfare.China is responsible for the project part of the ICIJ member Olay Shan (Alexa Olesen) April 8 via Skype accepted the VOA interview, some questions on the document outside of Panama and she wrote about the Chinese part of the lengthy report answered reporters questions.

Reporter: The international investigative reporter Union ( ICIJ) is a what kind of organization?

Olay Shan: ICIJ is an independent organization headquartered in the US capital Washington. Funding of this organization from the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation and other independent funders.There are 65 countries from more than 200 investigative reporter is a member of the ICIJ.

Reporter: There is Russia and China and other countries a voice that ICIJ exposure Panama file out of a US plot to discredit the interests of these countries. How do you respond to these questions?

Olay Shan: For you mentioned the so-called conspiracy theory, I think it is because when ICIJ began to open these files, people found that not many Americans are named. But there is a reason, because Mosak von Seca companies themselves say they are not inclined to accept American customers. The company’s business model is mainly for Europe, Latin America, there are more and more to Asia. So, many Americans do not appear in the report because Mosak · Fonseca did not much American customers. Of course, none of this conspiracy. At first, some files were leaked to the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” and then “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” turn these documents share the ICIJ. We believe that these documents have a common value for all people, so we decided to report them out.

Reporter: The Chinese party media, “People’s Daily” ‘s “Global Times” April 5 published an article entitled “stolen or made” Panama file “by no means ordinary,” the editorial. This was later deleted comments alleged “Panama file” is “Western intelligence agencies,” Putin used against such “non-Western leaders of” means of maintaining Western ideology. How do you respond?

Olay Shan: This criticism is nonsense. Because if you look at our report, you will find it is actually very fair. Not only does it allow Russia and China feel embarrassed, but also to the United Kingdom, Iceland, the United States was embarrassed, so many of the world governments, individuals and politicians feel embarrassed. Thus, the reported accusations against Russia and China are unfounded.

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