Ted Cruz website:

Citing the importance of transparency and accountability in electing the next President, Sen. Ted Cruz released four additional years of tax returns to the public. During his run for Senate, Cruz released his returns for years 2006 through 2010, and today he released returns for 2011 through 2014.


  1. It’s not the amount of money they make – it’s their investments. I want full financial disclosures… Not 2 pages of tax returns.

  2. Legally, all of the Presidential candidates don’t need to show their tax returns. But I do agree tgat full financial disclosures should be shown. However, all lawmakers in office must submitvtgeur financial disclosures on the website for Congress. Cruz and Sandersvare required to submit their financial disclosures. I thought I post all candidates’ tax returns on my site.My main concern is not who they have investments with. My concern is hoe each candidates will address the tax codes and the tsx loopholes that are giving to corporation and wealthy and why homeowners are giving less tax breaks fir their homes and which candidates is going to reinstate mortgage interest for homeowners to write off on theitpr taxes since Congress is trying to get rid of that tax break for homeowners. Lastly, I would like to hear from the candidate thst will bar all companies and banks that settle wuth the government for wrongdoing for writing off their fines off their taxes and from passing their fines to the shareholders and investors to oay for.

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